One of these days…

One of these days…

I spent the first three years of university telling myself that one of these days I’ll backpack somewhere. During my managerial accounting and financial management classes, I would day dream and come up with plans in my head, and chart a route in my mind of where I’d go, what I’d take photos of, what food I’d eat, and who I would meet.

By backpacking, I wanted to get out of the bubble (aka Ottawa) and adopt minimalistic living for a while. I wanted to not be “Vineeth S.K.” for a bit, and just be a travelling man. Oh, and I wanted to take lots of photos. After having insightful conversations with several wise minds, I decided the gap between university and entering the workplace was the best opportunity to do this. So I figured I’d just do it.

The initial plan was to go to Egypt, take photos of the pyramids, ride across the desert via camelback, and be immersed in complete culture shock. And after dreaming of doing this one day, I began saving up for the trip and doing some research. However, the travel security was still a major deterrent and while I really did want to experience the land of the Pharaohs, I decided to save this trip for later on in my life.

But, the traveller and photographer in me was still anxious to fly across the ocean. Watching Into The Wild and Motorcycle Diaries; and reading The Alchemist can do that to you. I was fortunate enough to have a close friend who would be backpacking across Europe in the summer, so he told me to tag along. And a third high school friend decided to come with us as well. Thus my thirst for travelling was quenched. So after months of procrastinating and planning, we booked our flights, bought our Eurail tickets, and planned a route (that we haven’t committed to). The key places for us to go are France, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Spain, London, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, and Belgium would all be great places to go, if time permits.

So here we are— one of those days finally came. This kid from Coimbatore is en route to France with two close friends, a Nikon, and a Moleskine. The above itinerary is just a rough idea of where we’ll be going— but like the seasons, it’s bound to change.

It’s going to be an exciting 42 days.

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